The Philosophy

Telling stories to move, to inspire, to entertain and to persuade.

I provide film services in a cinematic and documentary style. I’m inspired by the opportunity to tell people’s stories and shed light into topics in a surprising and compelling way.

I can cover all aspects of film making from planning, scripting and storyboarding through to filming and post production. I own all my equipment, however if a project has specific requirements which requires specific equipment, rental is not a issue.

I always aim to provide high production values to clients at a competitive price.

As a freelancer I can assist in any project and have always strived to deliver a polished professional service for clients in the UK and abroad. Ive experience in Film, Television and Live Sports both filming and editing.

With a real passion for film making at the heart of my work, I want to produce innovative ways of storytelling that push boundaries, raise the bar and inspire viewers.

I’m always looking for new challenges and experiences as there is always something new to learn.

Aspire, to inspire.