Ive always been a big advocate for “keeping videos short”, its the first thing ill say to a client or Director. It is key especially if you intend it for viral use such as youtube or Facebook etc.

According to youtube statistics; The most subscribed 240 YouTube channels obviously make great content, but also, they…

– Edit their videos down to 4 minutes 19 seconds.
– Upload 1.25 videos per week.
– Speak at a rate of 150 words / minute.
– Edit at a rate of 9 cuts / minute.
– Type  56.6 words in the video description.
– Post on their Facebook pages at the rate of 0.7 posts/day and tweet at the rate of 2.93 tweets/day.

For more information and statistics check the source below

Brands Take to Sponsored Video to Highlight Environmental Issues


Marketing professionals have long understood the value of using video as an effective tool in their efforts to engage audiences with their digital marketing initiatives.  In the 2012 Online Video Marketing Survey Report, 81% of marketers indicated they used online video in their marketing programs.

More than two thirds of marketers (67%) posted online video to social media and social networking sites, and more than half (52%) used video in conjunction with email marketing, according to Q4 2011 survey results.  Not only that, but 64% of marketing professionals indicated they plan to increase their spending for technologies, platforms and services related to the use of video for business marketing programs in 2012.


Source from www.reelseo.com 

some very interesting  and useful bits of information to online video, viral video and promotional video.

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