Thinking of making a film in Northampton, the Midlands or just anywhere in the UK? Well we all know times are tough..Its particularly tough for us in the film industry. The bottom line is; If America is suffering, we all suffer. If you are thinking of making a small indie film for film festivals etc, it might be worth having a little look at this post from I had a read through and I feel like getting on my soapbox.

It does not make particularly inspiring reading if you are considering the daunting task of making a film. Its tough out there today. Its tough for everybody. But how is one supposed to try and make a feature film if there isn’t any sponsorship, or funding options? The UK film council closing last year was a big blow. Leaving us with the BFI, just another quango set up by the government. They offer no help at all to people like me. Ive contacted them several times with legitimate film documentary ideas but their answer could not have been less helpful. If I could fund for all of the equipment, supply most of the crew etc and get all the funding myself, THEN they might help. They had the audacity to say ” We would be happy to recommend crew and writers from our database but you would have to pay them” and seeing as writers are legally entitled to demand up to 40% of any budget, I don’t see how this is helpful. Oh and did I mention its nigh-on impossible to get funding… How are we supposed to fund anything ourselves if 9 out of 10 film related jobs out there are “voluntary basis only” ?? Despite there being strict Minimum wage regulations in place, everybody seems able to┬ácircumvent these rules.. It really is starting to feel like a literal case of ‘six of one half a dozen of the other’

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