So there’s a lot of hype about the MōVI M10, the smaller M5 or the larger MōVI M20 already leaving a big footprint on the internet. But is there any point? Really, is there? I haven’t seen it, used it and doubt I ever will. I have seen the videos however and they all look great. But really is there any point to it all? Its still so damned expensive! Everybody is raving about how cheap it is and granted compared to others of it’s Kind it is. BUT between £12,000 and £20,000 is still utterly ridicules for something that looks like a pair of Nunchucks mixed with some Meccano attached to it. In this day and age with all the ‘indie’ and new age digital film makers like myself, this is still a impossible amount of money to afford. Some of the press release’s made me laugh out loud. “The new MōVI M10 – M5 is to be aimed at 5D owners and indie film makers.” Who in there right mind can afford a MōVI when only shooting with a Canon 5D?? 
I  splashed out on the Panasonic AF101 because for me, that was revolutionary. And indeed it has started a trend of cameras that can offer cinema quality looks but compared to cameras of the like a few years before, £15,000 cheaper!! I was hoping that with the new range of affordable cameras, that it might spread across the board, but how wrong was I!! We can now all afford nice cameras, but to buy the accessories we have to deal with companies that are almost as criminal as the “Quick Cash Loans” adverts with their 1000000 % interest rates!

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